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Wearing lingerie is going way beyond the confines of wearing it under your clothes or in the bedroom. Expect a lot of lace and colors that read a bit more soft (pinks, whites, and nudes).  Bralettes being worn under a blazer as a top or as is on its own.  Suits are still trending with the help of the returning three-piece suit. Bermuda shorts worn with a blazer, make for a well-rounded wardrobe.  In a throwback of the 70's come the mod prints, bohemian anything, retro, bell bottoms and big collars (no longer hidden under your jacket).  The bigger the collar, the better.  Suede is a big hit, nothing like a fringed suede jacket.  One of the hottest trends for summer are prints inspired by nature, animal, floral, fruit and polka dot.  Who wears short shorts, you will.... Crochet is no longer your Grandmothers thing.  You'll be vying for the perfect piece to wear and no one will be calling you Grandma. For those not into soft hues you'll be happy to hear that bright colors are trending as well. 
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